The Apex Brand Story

Apex is a brand that symbolises innovation, cost sensitivity, access and quality. It has been designed to serve the communities it establishes itself in.

Apex Surgi Centre grew from a burning desire to find a solution to cost effective, quality, surgical services. This came about after a number of encounters with private (cash paying) patients who wanted to have minor surgical procedures done at a private hospital.

First was a mother who wanted to have her daughters troublesome tonsils removed. She enquired high and low and found that the procedure was going to cost a considerable sum to be done at a private facility.

A similar experience was encountered by a father who wanted his son to have a circumcision done under general anesthetic because of his age. Despite the amounts quoted being in keeping with private rates, they were not affordable to them.

Both cases were eventually done at various Day Hospitals outside of Soweto at costs that were accessible.

As practitioners, we then concluded that it was important for Sowetans to have access to these facilities at their doorstep rather than to have to travel out for the service. This convenience and ready access to quality surgical care is something we believe to be a right.

Our management team is focused on providing the highest level of care and communication to our patients, doctors and their staff. We greatly value our patients and their families’ confidence in entrusting us with their safety, comfort, and convenience while we provide optimal clinical care.

Providing world class care at affordable rates is what we’re about!

Our Vision

To be a dynamic Day Hospital group that aligns its positive patient experience with optimal clinical outcomes.

Our Values

We stand for accessible, cost effective, quality health care. We believe in becoming an integral part of the communities we serve.

Organisational Purpose

To increase access to cost effective quality health care. Being a Day Hospital means that the cost of the day procedure is considerably less than that when done in a normal private hospital.

This means that a lot of the procedures can also be affordable to cash paying patients. Being a planned procedure also means that one can save for the procedure with a view to paying out of pocket for it after consulting with their doctor or seeing one of the specialists we have on our team.

Working with us, our doctors enjoy a partnership that provides an efficient extension to their offices for cost-effective alternatives, and time-saving features that augment today’s medical practice.

We believe that specialists and patients choose us because they want a seamless experience from booking to discharge.